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    Khaolak Sandbox Policy

    Guideline to Open Pilot Area for Travelers in Phang Nga Province (Phang Nga Prompt)


    Guideline in Receiving Travelers

    • Your latest accommodation in Phuket will verify your reservation and confirm your booking with the accommodation that is in Phang-Nga. (The accommodation in Phang-Nga must be within the ‘Sealed Route Area’ at a SHA PLUS certified accommodation establishment).
    • In order to make a reservation you must make a booking through SHABA system by making a reservation in PHUKET SANDBOX for 7 days first before making a reservation in Phang-Nga. After making a reservation and paying through SHABA system, you will have to buy a voucher for three RT-PCR tests through PSAS system.
    • Prepare a ‘Transfer Form’ to travel from Phuket to Phang-Nga after staying consecutively for 7 days in Phuket, along with the result from RT-PCR Test which must be “NEGATIVE”
    • The accommodation in Phang-Nga will check and verify your document from the accommodation in PHUKET SANDBOX, document from SHABA system and COE.5. Moreover, the destination accommodates must prepare only SHA plus transfer service.
    • Present test results and ‘Transfer Form’ to Tah Chat Chai Checkpoint
    • Travelers must have a health insurance covering a minimum of 100,000 USD
    • Obtain ‘Transfer Form’ from Phuket that shows two RT-PCR tests and ‘Mor Chana’ application

    On Arrival

    • Travelers only make a reservation with accommodations that is in the Sealed Route Area and is SHA Plus Certified
    • Travelers must stay in Phuket Sandbox accommodation consecutively for 7 day and act according to Phuket Sandbox Guidelines
    • Before travelling to Phang-Nga Sealed Route Area travelers must present a NEGATIVE test result on the 6th day in Phuket Sandbox, and evidence that you made a reservation for an accommodation in Phang-Nga Sealed Route


    อาจเป็นรูปภาพของ ข้อความ        

    During Your Stay

    • Travelers can travel anywhere within Phang-Nga Sealed Route area (such as Khao Lak and Koh Yao) to businesses that have SHA PLUS Certification and strictly follows DMHTTA standard
    • Travelers must report to SHA PLUS Manager and ‘Mor Chana Application’ at least 1 time each day until completing the 7 days requirement.
    • SHA PLUS Manager must send travelers check-in details according to The Ministry of Interior and according to Phang-Nga’s Provincial Law.
    • On the 6th day in Phang-Nga travelers must take the 3rd RT-PCR test
    • During the 7 days stay requirement, if there is any inquiries or sudden issues travelers can contact SHA PLUS Manager on site or any public health staff.

    Pre Leave/Transfer

    • After staying in Phang-Nga consecutively for 7 days travelers can travel to other provinces, or other countries. But, travelers must make sure that they adhere to each provinces’ guideline or country’s guidelines
    • If the traveler stays for less than 7 days in Phang-Nga, the traveler can only travel back to Phuket International Airport
    • For a duration of 1 month starting from the day that travelers enter Thailand, the application will notify travelers if there has been a risk of contracting COVID-19 during their stay

    Travelers in Sealed Route Area

    • Travelers must download Mor Chana Application. If a traveler’s account is yellow that indicates that they cannot leave the Sealed Route Area yet. After staying consecutively for 7 days in the Sealed Route Area the travelers’ account will change to green, this means that they can leave the Sealed Route Area
    • Entering and leaving Sealed Route Area for locals, can be done normally by showing papers and identification at the checkpoints according to the Phang Nga Province’s guidelines
    • To enter Sealed Route Area every vehicle that sends travelers must be verified by SHA PLUS only
    • Locals that has not been vaccinated can ask for travel documents from the village head in each district in the Sealed Route Area
    • Locals living in the Sealed Route Area must strictly adhere to Provincial Guidelines

    SWAB TEST RT – PCR  Khao Lak at Andaman Hub Medical Center



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